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Non-Teemu news

Bla bla bla, Teemu Selanne's back. Ok, I'm just being a bitter Sharks fan. You know what would be great? If Patrick Marleau -- the real Patty, not the Bizarro Evil Patty we've seen this season -- came back. And speaking of Patty, Drew Remenda was on XM earlier today. If you missed it, here's a summary of the Sharks gossip...

-Drew believes that Marleau and Ron Wilson have pretty much buried the hatchet. However, Drew thinks that Marleau's in such a big hole that he's kind of stuck where everything he does is ultra magnified and put in the context of his awful season.

-Drew also thinks that Marleau's trade value isn't very high right now. At the same time, he also says that Doug Wilson believes that this season is an aberration and the real Marleau will re-emerge sometime.

-Drew has no explanation for the home/away discrepancy and thinks the usual excuse of "We try to do too much at home" is just a lame cliche. I agree.

-Drew acknowledges that Doug Wilson would love to get some help on the blueline. He also thinks the forwards will sort themselves out with Marleau and Jonathan Cheechoo getting it going (and Cheechoo has looked gradually better over the past few weeks) but the blueline doesn't have the luxury of two underachieving All-Stars.

So I suppose the biggest revelation is that Doug Wilson isn't standing pat on the whole "I believe in our young defensemen" company line. What does that mean? EJ Hradek, the host of the show, suggested a Marleau for Brian Campbell swap, which is interesting and I don't know how I exactly feel about it.

On a non-Sharks/non-Teemu note, if you're bored out of your mind tonight, tune in to the Team 1200 Ottawa between 7-9 PM PST. I'll be featured as my alter ego "Mike Chen, writer for FoxSports" to ramble on about the All-Star Game, Ray Emery, and other stuff. I've pretaped the interview because I have a beer league game tonight, so I can already tell you BoCers that I tried to give props to Anaheim/San Jose as one of the top rivalries in the league, but I just couldn't commit to it because of our Sharkies' piss-poor showing in big games so far. *SIGH* Anyways, you can listen online here. See if you can catch where I almost threw in the usual curse words I use when talking about hockey!

And I'll close this post with one Teemu bit of news. I saw this quote from his presser:

"After that, I thought I would start skating and see how I feel. Every day I started feeling better and better. Then I called my agent and asked him to see if there was a deal available."

Gee, Teemu, you didn't know Burkie had a contract ready for you in his top desk drawer? If you believe that, then I've got a plot of land I'd love to sell you.