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Semi-live blogging the skillz competition (part 3 of 3)


I've dropped off the NHL 2K series since NHL 07 brought out the skill stick (that sounds dirty too doesn't it) so I must ask the blogosphere: do they still have that sweet accuracy challenge where you have to hit shots in 9 different spots? That was a proud moment in nerdy gaming for me.

Could people be a bit more excited for
Kaberle's 4 for 4? That was like golf announcing. The guy's even raising his trade value in the All-Star game. That's impressive.

Eric Staal fucking destroyed one of those accuracy cameras.

I bet Kovalev could go 4 for 4 blindfolded.

You could see the camera dangling when Arnott graced one of the accuracy buttons.

Wow, Kaberle was a hair from going 8 for 8. Are you watching, Doug Wilson??

And Kaberle wins going an amazing 8 for 9.

Jeez, this thing is stupidly long. I obviously don't have the self control to live blog responsibly. And I'm not even drunk! Oh well, the damage has already been update:

Haha, Ricky D's cracking me up. On 100 mph shots: "They really hurt." After "only" a 95 mph shot from Ovechkin he says "that's OK he has 40 goals already." Good stuff from the Real American Goalie.

Since when were goalies allowed to be funny? What happened to the days of Battlin' Billy Smith?

Another funny Dipietro joke: "[Lecavalier] uses the Bowflex. I'm trying to get an endorsement with Bowflex or Chuck Norris's total gym." They mic'd up the right guy. I knew with a goalie shooting competition that
Ron Hextall would have to be mentioned and Ricky D finally brought him up.

Al MacInnis reference and the third Iafrate reference. Wow!

Zdeno Chara = certified beast. 103 mph slapshot, second behind (well you know, Iafrate).

Hockey Slam Dunk Contest

Good move getting Dominique Wilkins on this one. Not sure if this gimmick is going to work but give them points for creativity.

(Then the announcer uses my exact phrase for St. Louis's attempts. Argh.)

Haha, advice: light the puck on fire, do a back flip then go top shelf. Ricky D needs his own reality show.

Ryan Getzlaf made two really cool, And1-ish moves, none of which were goals. This sort of makes me pine for Marek Malik. They just showed that awesome 9-year old goal. That goal just blows my mind.

Wow, did Scott Mellanby really just retire? He looks incredibly old.

Gaborik just tried the Malik shot. Good God Gaborik is fast.

Ovechkin almost pulled off something really cool. But it's not like he'd ever top The Goal anyway. No doubt about it, Ovechkin is one of the most beloved hockey players right now.

Overall I would give the All-Star Skills Competition a B+. Good stuff.