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Semi-live blogging the skillz competition (part 2 of 3)

Update 2:

A round of applause for the Ryan Miller Amp Energy Drink Commercial. It's like Wild'N'Out with...goalies. By the way, I know that I'm not the Kings correspondent anymore when I have no idea who that goalie is. I'm embarrassed.

So, I might or might not add some comments about this Young Stars competition. We'll see how this goes.

The East:

Featuring Marc Staal, Nicklas Backstrom, Kris Letang and wow, we've now entered the obscure zone.

They didn't list the Western guys, but I recognized Gagner (OK, so maybe I only know him because of Covered in Oil) and the only real big name is Patrick Kane. It's nice to see the Chicago Blackhawks and not be completely depressed for a change.

Update 3 (!)

Alright, I'm in. I know I'm not the first person to make this joke, but you have to admit it's hilarious that the YoungStars feature two older than dirt goaltenders. Could they not get a hold of the other Backstrom (Minn.), Henrik Lundqvist, even Al Montoya or Bernier in LA?

I'm liking this. It's like video game hockey. Patrick Kane just scored a sweet breakaway goal. I predict the score will be 50-46.

That was one weak sauce breakaway move by Erik Johnson. Come on, Johnson. You're the future of American hockey, dammit!

Paging Eric Lindros. The renaissance of #88 has begun. Seeing how good Patrick Kane and even Phoenix's Mueller look, could it be possible that Lindros won't even be the best player to ever wear that number by the end of Kane's career? Weird.

Update in the second period of the YoungStars game

The first Sportscenter worthy moment, with Letang (Pitt) setting up Clarkson (NJ) for an amazing backhand that Legace stops. Legace sets up a Patrick Kane breakaway goal. GREAT moment.

As comically video game-ish as this game is, I'm liking it. Legace's funny enough that I take back my mean spirited remarks about his All-Star worthiness.

Holy Monkey. Kris Letang is fun to watch. Has there ever been a more Penguin-like "defenseman" than Letang? Legace: "Whoa another Marty Brodeur save!"

I have to admit I have no idea who won. The East, I guess? Who cares it managed to be the opposite of last year's YoungStars game (I actually want more!!!)

So far, so good overall. Although I could use a little more clarity in these events.

Update 5(?!?!)

At first I thought Chris Simpson was totally awful and not particularly good looking, but I have to say she's sort of grown on me. She's now a certified Cougar.

Wow, anyone that saw that Marc Savard interview with random correspondent guy. Wow. That was awful. Another point for Cougar Chris Simpson just for not being involved.

Unless you are an Oiler fan, can you really find a reason to hate Jarome Iginla? Great guy. Can't lie, I was rooting for the Flames in their Cinderella run and I still argue if Giguere is the Conn Smythe on a losing SC run then Iginla deserved it too, damn it. OK, I'm in hardcore tangent mode time to get some food.

They just ran a promo for tomorrow's all-star game. If you can name last year's AS MVP you deserve a cookie.

Coming up, my favorite events the accuracy shooting competition (now a very fun video game staple) and the hardest shot (Al Iafrate memories come to mind). Sweet. This is a quality skills competition. Does this mean the NHL is getting smarter? Kinda doubt it.