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Ducks Gameday—If you're ever in New York, come see the White House!

Anaheim Ducks (28-22-7, t-5th in west) at New York Rangers (27-23-6, 7th in east)

Well, the Ducks certainly didn't take the easiest route between New York games. Most of the Ducks took a quick trip to Washington, D.C., to meet President Bush (as is customary for cup champs to do). Bush opened his comments with this one-liner:
"Have you noticed a lot of security around here? It's because the Vice President heard there were some Ducks around."
I won't comment on the merit of the joke itself, but allow me to reiterate how good it is that Ottawa didn't win the cup finals; Bush would have had hours of material ("The last time I got together with this many Senators, we passed the Homeland Security Act, yuk yuk").

Below is a photo of the group; note how savvy Bush's Secret Service team is. They kept Chris Pronger's elbows at a maximum distance from the President's head at all times.

Question for Duck-haters: Who is the biggest douchebag in this photo?

Speaking of the President, this week's PuckToon is designed around Super Tuesday's primary elections. I'm pretty sure my political ignorance is evident, but that's the beauty of drawing cartoons: you're already an idiot going into it.

Prediction: I didn't realize this until Battle of New York brought it up, but the Rangers are 0-6-2 against the west this year, outscored 31-16. It seems like the setup for an easy win, but what's really been easy this year? Ducks win a narrow one 4-3. Goals by Pronger, Kunitz, May, and Selanne.

To our Chinese readers: Happy New Year! Go Ducks.