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Ducks Gameday—The Littlest Goalie

Anaheim Ducks (27-22-7, t-5th in west) at New York Islanders (24-23-6, 10th in east)

"We're making goalies look like all-stars right now." So says Brian Burke on the Ducks' recent pratfall. Five goals scored in their last six games, zero in their last two. Neglecting the fact that one of those games actually featured an All-Star goalie, I thought I'd show what Burke's talking about--even an undersized goalie like this one can be effective when all the shots go straight at him (thank you, McDonalds Canada):

Prediction: There are still five straight road games before the Ducks return home: NYI, NYR, NJD, DET, and COL. In what city will the Ducks score their next goal? In what city will the Ducks get their next win? In what city will Teemu Selanne make his debut? The way things are going, I suspect all three answers will be the same.

Go Ducks.