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So the Kings actually beat the Red Wings last night. It wasn't one of those, "Got a few lucky breaks and then shut down defensively" games either; the Kings were the ones catching the bad breaks, what with Jason Labarbera pulling his best Dan Cloutier impression last night.* The Kings entered the third down, 3-1, and I had pretty much chalked it up as another game the Kings should have won but didn't. Earl had a great line in the Ice Sheet over at the Fanhouse: "In Biblical fashion, though, David forgot to die." An even better analogy would have been, "In Biblical fashion, after David had to find his slingshot because his idiot friend Jason lost it, David kicked Goliath's ass."

*You know when you're playing in a rec league and your goalie can't make it? You ask the goalies coming off the rink but they can't play so you have to borrow the rink's stuff and that random guy on your team has to play goal? That's what Labarbera looked like last night.

This game was pretty much all about Alex Frolov. He was out there for all 4 third-period goals and I would say pretty much dominated. For one night at least, he played better than Pavel Datsyuk and Henrik Zetterberg. I'd say he's relatively healthy (no hockey player is completely healthy this time of year) for the first time this season and we're starting to see how good he can be.

Having Frolov and Kopitar on the same line isn't really fair, is it? I love the Brown/Kopitar connection (these two should have a nickname), but Frolov and Kopitar out there at the same time is insane. Look at tonight: Handzus' line played well but they're not really a scoring line, Moulson was invisible, Boyle had a few opportunities but couldn't close, and Derek Armstrong is awful, yet we still beat the Red Wings on the strength of that one line and our power play. Hmm...


What's crazier, that Dion Phaneuf signed a 6-year, $39.5 million dollar contract as a 22-year old or that Calgary fans were praising him for taking a hometown discount, just like Iginla ($7 mil/yr) and Kiprusoff ($5.83 mil/yr)? They better hope Kristian Huselius and Daymond Langkow really love being a Flame, because otherwise they're pretty fucked.


Dustin Brown had a son and will be back for Saturday's game. He couldn't have made it back tonight? Not to be insensitive, but is a baby really that much to look at? He could have come back, played tonight, and then seen the kid when the Kings come back in a week. That way, the wife has had a little time to get back in shape (That's how long it takes, right? A week?) and the baby wouldn't be all covered in slime. But hey, what do I know, I just care about this team.

(No seriously, congratulations. I think the baby's first word should be, "Anze.")