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I Can't Breathe

Holy hell. Why even bother coming back from 4 goals down if you're going to lose in overtime on a soft goal? Jesus.

Still, that was amazing. I missed the Dallas game, and the Buffalo game, and the Nashville game, and the first Chicago game (I think I've missed like 8 games total and those 4 are among them), so this was my first real hardcore adrenaline rush of the season. I was holding my phone in my hand when Kopitar tied the game up and I came this close to chucking it against my wall before I realized what I was doing. This team is one of the craziest bad teams I've ever seen, because they have brief moments where they look invincible. If we could ever get Kopitar, Frolov, Cammy, and Brown all rolling at the same time, I don't know if there's a defense that could match us. (I guess Anaheim.)

Dan Cloutier screwed us once again. The first goal was a power play goal, the next 2 were Patrick O'Sullivan's fault, and then the last 2 were all Cloutier. That 4th goal (the one against Jonathan Toews) was vintage Cloutier. I thought Ersberg played well (he's small) but let's all hope Labarbera can come back rested for Thursday's game.

This probably doesn't make any sense right now, but I can barely type because that game pretty much knocked me senseless. This was one of those games that people are going to point to as turning points in the life of a team, a time where our young guys said, "Fuck this," and just took over the game. I don't know if the Kings are going to get the first overall pick this draft, but I'd be willing to sacrifice it if it meant those guys continued to carry this team.

Okay, I need to go lie down for a while.