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Boc Gameday: Reign of Terror-ble Puns

LA Kings (irk) vs. San Jose Sharks (42-21-9, 2nd in West)

7:30 PST, FSN West

The Kings unveiled a new ECHL affiliate yesterday: the Ontario (CA) Reign. Oy. Here's the logo:

I guess it looks pretty cool (I like how they went with a dragon instead of a lion), and I like the colors more than the Kings' colors, but "Reign?" That's retarded. I wouldn't cheer for a team that had that name. What the hell is a player called?

"Hey, what team are you on?"

"Oh, I'm a Reign-eer... a Reignite... I'm on the Reign."

"Like water from the sky?"

"No, like a King's reign. You see, we're an affiliate of the Kings so-

"-Get the hell away from me."

Whatever, at least they don't have that ridiculous alliteration thing like the Manchester Monarchs and the Reading Royals. I'll keep an eye on Bush League Factor (a fantastic site if you've never read it) to see what he thinks about the new logo.

We'll also have to keep an eye on how the Reign pull in California, what with there already being 2 NHL teams in the region. I guess Southern California is like 24 million, so we can handle another team; right, San Diego Gulls? Uh, guys? Oh, wait...


What is everyone's opinion of Matt Ellis? I guess he's okay. He's like Jeff Giuliano except better in every way. I could see him on the team next season in some sort of 4th line capacity; any higher, though, and we're kind of screwed.
They've been playing him on Handzus' line lately, which I kind of feel is giving us 2 4th lines. I can not stress enough how badly our lack of depth is killing us in these last few games. The Kings really need to get a 3rd line player in the off-season who can help us keep pucks out of the net. Jay Pandolfo?

It's funny; the Kings already have more wins this season, they're on pace to score more goals and allow fewer, and they're going to finish in a worse position than they did last year. Am I right to take that as a good sign that we've been unlucky this season and we're not as bad as our record indicates? (I'm going to believe that the Kings have been unlucky this year, I don't care what you say.)

Prediction: The Kings need the Sharks and the Ducks to finish ahead of the Stars so we can get a first-round pick in the #24 area. I say Kings lose, 4-2, with goals by Frolov and Kopitar. Afterwards, Kings and Sharks fans pat each other on the back for a job well done.