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I Guess I Should Talk About This

Jack Johnson finally mother fucked someone.

There are a few murmurings that even though the hit was legal, maybe Johnson should have let up because Smyth was in a dangerous situation. That's reprehensibly retarded.* Ryan Smyth tried to jump past Johnson and Johnson put him into the boards; was Johnson supposed to notice the turnbuckle and then decide, "Oh, I don't want to hurt this noble hero, I'll give him a free pass?" Fuck no, Johnson buried Ryan Smyth because Smyth would have done the same thing to him. I'm sorry Smyth got hurt (I guess I have to say that), but that's what happens when you play his style of game.


I appreciate Ian Lapperierre's conduct in the aftermath of the incident. He didn't jump Johnson from behind or stick him in the ribs, he asked him, "Do you want to get it over with?" and allowed Johnson the chance to settle it like a man. I don't necessarily agree that Johnson needed to fight (since the hit was clean), but if you're going to get retribution, you do it like that.

I also liked how Rob Blake broke the two up before they fought. Again, I don't necessarily agree that he did it (let Johnson kick Laparierre's ass if he wants), but I appreciate the way he did it. Johnson is Blake's responsibility and it made me smile to see him come to his aid.


I always made fun of Ryan Smyth because he wears his helmet so loosely; I argued that he did it on purpose because he didn't like wearing a helmet and thought his hair looked cool when it was flying all over the place. Hopefully now he'll tighten that shit up so he doesn't crack his head. Also, he should get rhinoplasty. Not because of the hit, but just because his nose is fucking huge.

*It gives me no greater glee than to point out that it's mostly Canadians making that argument. I wonder what they'd be saying if a European had been hit like that.