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In case you're wondering...

...why there's been a lack of content about a certain sports team in the Bay Area during a certain record-setting win streak, well, there's a simple explanation.

Hypothetically speaking, if some bloggers covering, say, Sheffield FC in the UK's Premier League noticed that their favorite soccer team was going on a franchise-record tear while they hadn't been blogging, what should said bloggers do? If said bloggers were extremely superstitious and believed in things such as jersey curses, the best thing to do would be to NOT muck up the mojo at the time, especially if said team had spent the first half of the season with their heads up their collective arses.

Put it together from there. I'm not getting any more specific, but it's not because I'm superstitious or anything. I'm not even labeling this post with a team. Everything here is purely, purely hypothetical.

You can, however, read what I think about Mr. Pronger's magically stomping skate blade.