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Kings/Sharks Post-Game

-Can we get a shot clock out there or something? The Sharks had like 45 minutes of possession time.

-I guess Dan Cloutier played okay. I was kind of hoping he was shelled so everyone would boo him and then he could blame his poor play on the tepidness of LA tap water. And Dan, talking shit to Jody Shelley doesn't make you tough because we both know Shelley could never actually get to you. If I go to the zoo and tell the alligators to blow me, does that make me tough? No, it makes me hilarious.

-The Kings outshot the Sharks, but the Sharks were in control of that game. The Kings are masters of the too little, too late offensive explosion.

-I don't watch too many Sharks games but I get the feeling Johnathan Cheechoo thinks he's some kind of superstar because he scored 56 goals once. He kept faking and trying crazy moves without realizing he's not really that good at it. Or is that just how he skates?

-Great, Jack Johnson's hurt. Is it too late to become a fan of cricket? I look good in white. Maybe Jai Alai, that looks cool.

-Hmm, so Brian Campbell and Joe Thornton are both unmarried, in their late-20s, were "good friends" when they were kids, and are now living together? Plus, Thornton now has a well-groomed beard? Know where I'm going with this? You should, I'm laying it on pretty thick.

-Lubo played better tonight and showed a little more verve than he usually has this season. If he and Marcel Goc had a conversation I would overdose on Adorable.

-Holy fuck was that Rapid Fire thing with Heidi Androl and Anze Kopitar uncomfortable. "The best meal..." "... is... mashed potatoes... and a nice juicy steak." Riveting!

-Kevin Dallman and Peter Harrold were our 3rd defensive unit. We're horrible.