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I Can't Believe This Is An Issue

Last night, Alex Ovechkin made a beautiful play in the waning minutes of regulation. He had the puck in the slot and Marty Biron came out to face the shot. Instead of shooting the puck (which would have been saved since there wasn't a screen and Biron was ready for it), Ovechkin faked the shot and slid the puck to Sergei Fedorov, who was WIDE OPEN and would have scored if he had gotten any part of the puck. However, Fedorov wasn't ready for the pass and missed it. Still, Ovechkin was right to pass the puck and it would be foolish to blame him for not shooting, right? I mean, only an idiot would do something like that.

Good thing we all know better.

(By the way: Ovechkin has 47 assists on the season. The reason for this is that he knows when to shoot and when to pass. This was a time to pass. Still, I look forward to 5 years from now when people reference this game as an example of Ovechkin's un-clutchness.)