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NHL Video Portal, Washington Capitals ISO-Cam and Stanley Cup All Access show

Above is an isolation ice-level video highlight from the NHL Video Portal during the Washington Capitals Philadelphia Flyers series. The NHL has ISO-cam video clips up of the Capitals, Flyers, Red Wings (no audio), Blackhawks,
Rangers (no audio), and Penguins. Which crowd sounds the best?

Also on the portal, the half hour Cisco 2008 Stanley Cup All Access video show with Don Le Greca and E.J. Hradek is worth a look. Solid analysis, althought the schedule is still a little sporadic and the comments are mostly East Coast centric. Instead of opinion, more X's and O's, matchups or video scouting segments would be well received. They can always pry Earl away from AOL for his editorial cartoons.

Here is a video segment on official Ducks blogger Mike V, skateboard hockey looks kind of cool. Los Angeles Kings contributor Heidi Androl also located a Montreal Canadiens fan hangout in Redondo Beach. Nothing up on the portal from the Sharks yet. Rumor has it a certain Sharks blog might be doing an investigative article on local beer, and the hockey fans who drink it.