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Not Pretty....But Effective

Not much to say about last night's game except Nabby saved our asses. Where is our vaunted D that was in the top 5 in GAA throughout the year? It seems Calgary has guys in the slot uncovered all the time. If not for Nabby's save on Sarich early this could of been a different game. I think the D is hibernating like our PP. How can you get 10 PP chances and convert only once...and that was with :09 left. We had an extended 5 on 3 and I swear we would of not scored if it was 5 on 1 cause they would of just passed it around and then Kipper would of made a save. If not for the Mitchell goal at the end of the PP, I kinda felt the energy being let out of the arena. All those penalties by Calgary (deserved or not) only leads to Keenan pulling out his mind games again and questioning the officials. I can only assume what they are saying in Calgary right now. "The Sharks didn't beat us, the Refs did."

Sombody needs to wake up Cheech and Milan and tell them the playoffs have begun. They just don't look like themselves out there and invisible. Being at the game you can see Calgary taking late shots after the whistle to Cheech's head since they know he is probably still suffering from the Kunitz injury. No word on Ehrhoff's injury but hopefully he can make it back soon.