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The Stars toughest opponent: the Sharks or hubris?

From the sound of some Stars fans, you'd think that the Sharks never even showed up to this series and that NBC/Versus might as well make their reservations in Dallas and Detroit. It's amazing how a couple wins make people forget that the magic 8 ball picked the Stars in Game 1 (seriously, that was a pretty weak game) and that they were trailing heading into the third period of Game 2.

No doubt about it, the Stars are hungrier, which is weird since the Sharks are supposed to be like, the lions of the sea right? Seriously, San Jose should change their team name to something cuddlier. Why not a rather fitting swap of mascots with Anaheim?

All kidding aside, this series is far from over. At their best, the Sharks are a frightening blend of high end talent, solid character checking guys and (a sometimes) Vezina caliber goaltender. Considering their past playoff heart breaks, the Stars are the last team to think that their farts freshen the air like Febreze.

That being said, whattagame for the 'ol $5 Shake, eh? Bet he won't hear any chipmunk teeth jokes for at least .5 minutes after that impressive performance...

PS: If anyone knows where to find a good clip of the brilliant Zubov to Modano goal I would be grateful. The best I could find was part of a video recap on Figured YouTube would have been all over this one (perhaps I simply need to hone my YouTubing...)