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Wellie wellie well...

  • The Sharks took Game 4 of the series tonight, on the heroics of Patrick Marleau, Joe Thornton, Milan Michalek and Evgeni Nabokov. For at least one game, these oft-maligned top guns shut some people up (Not me nor any of the growing members of the Fire Wilson brigade, mind you, but some people...).
  • The Stars powerplay might want to be a little bit more careful when #12 is lurking about.
  • This really hasn't been a gentle time for teams who keep coming up short despite hype and talent. The Flames were the Stanley Cup favorite du jour a couple years ago, but now their dominance can only be found in NHL '08. The NBA has its fair share too, as fatal flaws might finally bring the un-doing of great-but-not-good-enough teams in the Suns and Mavericks. It's odd that April 2008 might be the month when many once promising teams hit the Point of Exhaustion.
If the Sharks get knocked off, will that make Wilson the NHL's Avery Johnson?
  • In a couple weeks, will tonight's Sharks win feel more like the Game 4 win the Suns gained (an ultimately empty moral/literal victory) or the catalyst for a Boston Red Soxian epic comeback? I'm not sure yet, but like the SJ bloggers said, it wouldn't be out of character for the Sharks.
Jeremy Roenick might want to bloody a sock or two just in case...