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And my prediction

Note: Blogger for some reason refused to allow me to keep the font for the prediction section below Maddox-level huge, so I decided to split it from the rest of the post. (Let's just pretend I did it for dramatic effect)


This series is the brainiest duel in many years. You have two consistently competent coaches in Mike Babcock (formerly of Ducks Cinderella run fame) and Dave Tippett (whose mustache I still sort of miss). Each team has plenty of experience, a nice mixture of grit and European flair, plus enough skeletons in their playoff closet to remind them that they have a long way to go before they can smile and relax.

It's a tough call, really. The Red Wings have been so lights-out that Marty Turco's Run of Redemption could be devoured by their dominant, puck possessive style. Then again, maybe the Red Wings greatest "weakness" might end up being their goaltending after all.

My brain says Detroit.

But my heart, gut and balls say "Dallas is the team of destiny."

The Stars have been tested by two tough Battles of California and have convincingly defeated teams pundits expected to see sipping from the greatest trophy in sports. The Red Wings either haven't really been tested or are simply better than anyone else.

As with most decisions in my life, I'm going to go with feeling over theory.

My pick: Stars in six nail-biting epics (going 2-1 at the Joe).