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BoC Turns Two!

Happy 2nd birthday, blog!

I know the unwritten code for hockey bloggers is to avoid unnecessary profanity, but HOLY FUCKING MONKEYSHIT! IT’S BEEN TWO YEARS?!

Hard to believe, right? What started as one of uberblogger James Mirtle's internet pranks has escalated into this collection of assholes?! Amazing.

Well, what can we expect from BoC in its Terrible Twos? If child development is any indication, we’ll probably see an increase in temper tantrums, control-freak tendencies, and aggressive testing of our boundaries.

Frankly, that sounds fantastic. I can’t wait.
As a complete aside, one of my friends just sent me this link, and I think it's a hilarious dilemma: Will this traffic cop take the fall to keep Ryan Getzlaf out of traffic school? More to come, I'm sure.