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Ott will probably be back, but is this the end of the road for "Stuuuuuu"?
  • Good stuff from Spector at The Hockey News regarding the off-season for the Dallas Stars. There are a lot of supporting cast players who might be wearing different jerseys next year. The most important re-signs are Trevor Daley and Steve Ott, two glue guys who won't nab any headlines but are important elements of the Stars.

I wouldn't be surprised if this is the end of the line for the lovable Stu Barnes. He missed half of the second round and all of the Red Wings series with concussion-like symptoms and must be wondering if he really wants to put his undersized body through any more abuse.

Mattias Norstrom would be worth re-signing, but it would have to be at the right price.

  • The Stars wisely signed Dave Tippett to a three-year contract extension. Tippett's success extends beyond a great playoff run this year, because he kept the Stars right around the top of the Pacific Division even as juggernauts developed in Anaheim and San Jose. Considering that the Stars are long on grit but just about average on scoring talent, his success is indeed impressive.
I would compare him to the NFL's Jeff Fisher for stability and competence, but Tippett stabbed us all in the front by shaving his mustache.

  • One player to watch in the SCF is the Pens' big American power forward Ryan Malone. He's got the size, wheels, grit and finishing ability to fit in well in the Western Conference. I could see him fitting in well with Joe Thornton or on a Kings team that could use a little snarl and size to go along with its promising (but small) young talent. Hell, even the Stars could use him.
Still, his probable $4-5 million per year salary would give me a pause. He's not the most reliable player. One word that often comes up with Malone is "inconsistent." Still, on a team where he's a complimentary part of a big line, he can certainly open up some space and do a little bit of everything.

Plus he's funny.