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Good: Cloutier is being bought out. I'll have a full retrospective tomorrow sometime (a career as illustrious as his needs something special), but I'll just say that I'm very happy with that.

Bad: Sean Avery wants to come back to LA. Fuck nope. Let's see, we traded him because we didn't want his influence affecting our young players, so let's bring him back when we're going to be one of the youngest teams in the league. And he wanted $4 million dollars earlier this year. I don't think that's going to happen.

Draft day, bitches! Me and my my new buddies Chet and Squirrely (Chet's a squirrel I met up in the forest; Squirrely's a heroin addict) are all ready for the draft. Who has two thumbs and loves the draft? Pierre McGuire. Oh, and me too. Go Kings.

Edit: Steve Stamkos sounds like WWE's Chyna. Maybe it's just sour grapes, but I'd rather draft a guy with descended testicles anyway.