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It's Like He's Trying to Kill Me

Inside the Kings passes along an AP story wherein Dean Lombardi states that he's "50/50" on whether to trade the 2nd pick. I would link to the AP story directly but they've decided that they want to go bankrupt and are now trying to charge money for quoting their stories if the quote is over 5 words long. Well, I didn't quote you, I just passed a link along. What now, bitches?* Anyway, saying you're 50/50 on something is bullshit. I'm going to get angina and I'm sending that fucking bill right to Lombardi's office because it's all his fault. You know that feeling you get when you fart and for a split-second you think with horror that a little something might have squeezed out? That's how I've felt this entire day.

Anyway, today has been full of craziness. Nobody knows what the fuck is going on (I don't think Dean even knows), so I suggest that you just spend tomorrow ignoring everything until the big show kicks off at 4 on Versus. I'm going up to the mountains to frolic for half the day and my phone probably won't work, so if something does go down I won't know about it. I'll be in the fresh air, surrounded by awe-inspiring trees that are over 2,000 years old... frantically trying to fashion a computer out of wood so I can hit the "refresh" button on 20 times a minute. Riddle me this, nature: if you're so great why do I not care about you at all? Fern Gully sucked, by the way.

*Please oh please don't sue me.