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Season Review: Brian Willsie

[EARL EDIT: I think Rudy comes back from his trip sometime this weekend, so I'd better put up the last of his "absence posts" before he decides to teach me a lesson with his skate blade. As for Brian Willsie, I don't know if I have very much to add, except it seems silly that such a minor player gets so much flak on a team with obviously larger issues. Then again, I love silly.]

Just read this and replace some of the old stuff. Also, replace those jokes with stuff that makes sense. Good luck in Europe, Brian. I hear the Slovakia is wonderful this time of year. Just go to this place- you haven't seen Hostel, have you?- just go this place and you'll meet a ton of European broads that love American guys. Trust me, you'll love it.

(Also, I'm kind of proud that when you type "Brian Willsie Terrible" into Google, that post is the first thing that pops up. Take that, guidance counselor!)