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Thank you Pronger and Patton

Holy smokes! Hurry up and get your formalwear on. It's awards night!

While the NHL may have already tipped its hat as to who's winning its awards tonight (link credit: Japers'), I'm not talking about that award show. Instead, I've just been informed that today is also the day that We Bleed Teal presents its Bloggies Awards.

And wouldn't you know it? BoC took home the coveted "Battle of the Battles Battle" award! Woo hoo!
Earl Sleek's statistical prowess, Rudy Kelly's cut-to-the-chase ideals, PJ's timely analysis, and O'Brien's pop-culture references make BOC the best place (besides the Sunset Strip during the glam rock days) to be when you're touring the sun soaked West Coast.
Go read the whole thing, as several great blogs took home some hardware. Great job, Mr. Plank!

When you're done with that, you can also check out today's PuckToon, which offers a theory why Marc Crawford was fired this week. As always, alternate theories are welcome.