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The Waiting is the Hardest Part

You can sometimes forget that the Kings don't have the first pick in the draft, that Tampa Bay is actually getting Steve Stamkos and the Kings are picking 2nd. Tampa's pick has been such a certainty for so long that no one really acknowledges them and instead focuses on what the Kings are going to do. And for as certain as we are about what Tampa is going to do, we are completely baffled as to what the Kings are planning. First Drew Doughty is coming to the Kings because he's the next Ray Bourque and he grew up with a Kings telephone in his room; then they're drafting Zach Bogosian because he's the next Chris Pronger and has the edge the Kings need. They're in love with Nikita Filatov, then they're interviewing forwards projected to go in the 7-15 range. Dean Lombardi has laid the ground very well, and now Rich Hammond is saying that something will go down before the draft.

I personally think that it's all a smokescreen and the Kings are going to take Drew Doughty (it just makes sense), but I'm not sure. Is this usual in the days leading up to the draft? I feel like we usually have a pretty good idea of how the first few picks are going to go, but people genuinely seem confused about the Kings. I don't know, maybe I'm too close to the situation and I'm thinking too much about it. I hate not knowing. All I do know is that I want Friday to get here.