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Why the Kings are less popular than the rival Ducks

Besides the obvious winning aspect the Ducks have over the cross town Los Angles Kings, i feel that its more of advertising. The Kings have great young talent and once they solve a few minor issues in the line-up the team could be very dangerous in the Pacific division. So why are the celebrities going to Ducks games? It's not just the Ducks winning, its not that Orange County is more hockey friendly, if anything its not. The issue is poor Kings marketing, which even for a Ducks fan like me makes me sad.

Heres my evidence of poor Kings advertising:

Its a great thought, but i feel like the Kings organization hired the guys from South Park to do this. If the Kings chose to make a more flashy appeal to fans, maybe they would be able to build a great fan base for all the young talent they have.

I would even go as far as using the previous Kings video posted on here by another writer as a female advertisement to gain Kings fans. Call it Kings All access!

*Disclaimer*- This is purely a joke, and in no way do I mean any disrespect to Kings fans. I am in no way a Kings fan but would like to see them do well and I am excited for the future of Kings hockey with all the young talent. Anyway, enjoy the video. Its a little more G rated than some I've seen on here.