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#4 is Up For Grabs

So Rob Blake has signed a 1-year deal with the San Jose Sharks. If you've read here for a while (all 5 of you), you'll know I've defended him many times here on this site. If you don't want to read past blog posts (and God knows I wouldn't), the basic gist was this: Blake showed loyalty to his teammates, not his team, and he shouldn't be vilified for taking care of his family. Still, this is incredibly, amazingly fucked up. Blake was given a 2-year deal worth $12 million dollars with the expectation that he would lead the team and help the young guys grow. The Kings then put up with his poor play for most of the duration, kowtowing to him at every turn and giving him top minutes in every aspect of the game despite him not deserving it. Then, last season, there was the rumored trade of Blake for Nabokov, straight up, that Blake refused. Then, this trade deadline, the Kings were given the opportunity to trade Blake to either San Jose or Colorado, then only Colorado, then nobody because Blake didn't want to leave LA.

Then, this, off-season, he signs with San Jose.

I'm not going to go into the whole "He betrayed us" thing because it's stupid and pointless and egotistical (although seriously, we could have traded him to San Jose so many times), so I'll leave it at this: Rob Blake will never, ever get his jersey number retired in Los Angeles. He'll get booed every time he enters Staples Center and the Kings won't give him any front office position once he retires. It's obvious Blake doesn't care about this and all he wants is money. He'll retire happily in a few years and spend the rest of his days on the Manhattan Beach surf. That's completely his right. And it's my right to say:

Fuck you, Rob Blake. You're a piece of shit and I'll never forgive you for making me defend you all these years. I always thought you were a good guy that had been dicked over by the front office, but I obviously was wrong. My poor brother has worn your number since the day he could lace a pair of skates and now he's crushed. Enjoy your pieces of silver, you backstabbing son of a bitch. You're the worst person that ever lived.

And get a nose job, you look ridiculous.