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Anaheim Ducks News Bits

According to the O.C. Register, The Ducks are going to place Bobby Ryan at a second line wing position this season, and let him fumble through becoming an NHL regular (as they should have done last season). The move is smart and will allow Ryan to become the great Ducks player he was drafted to be.

Signing Teemu Selanne is still up in the air... PLEASE TEEMU COME BACK!!!!
In the article Burkie also discussed getting rid of someone to free up space to go after Teemu and get under the cap.

"...Burke admitted the Ducks still need to rid themselves of a defenseman(nice way of saying
Mathieu Schneider) and said that it was possible that they’d get a winger in return", as quoted from the O.C. Register article above.

"It would have to come from outside," Burke said. "We’re not going to force a young guy into that position."

Burke is making moves (it appears) that look like Teemu's gone, so this sort of confuses me. Only time will tell, there's still a lot of offseason to be had.