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The BoC Collaboration is a Failure

Lauri Tukonen has been traded to the Dallas Stars for Richard Clune. I guess the Stars are just collecting all our failed right wingers.

I can't say I understand this move. Clune isn't even a top 20 prospect in Dallas' crappy system and split time between the ECHL and the AHL at the age of 21, the same as Tukonen. He does get a lot of penalty minutes and could eventually fill the role of a John Zeiler. He also fills a void in our left wing prospect pool, but that's like saying that cancer's a good thing because it gives you a chance to buy a new hat. Actually, it's nothing like that, but you get what I'm saying.

Oh well. I actually like Tukonen and I hope he finds some measure of success in Dallas. He ended up not being worth that 11th overall pick but, like I said earlier, I think he can find success as a third line grinder... which means he'll fit in perfectly in Dallas.