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Ducks to Sign Brendan Morrison and other musings of a Ducks fan

According to the O.C. Register, the Anaheim Ducks will announce tomorrow the signing of Brendan Morrison. He supposedly wants to reunite with Brian Burke (awwww). He is also expected to center the second line. He better be coming here cheap, because I don't see this being a good financial decision. Plus hopefully after knee surgery he doesn't suck.

Maybe if we wait a little longer we could ink Mats Sundin too, he seems to not know what the hell he wants to do. Oh well, I have officially given up on free agency for the Ducks. We're too close to the cap to have any fun anyway.

Please Teemu, Come Back!!!!!!!

In other Ducks news: Bettman (no it's not a mis-print, I mean the homo, not the super hero Batman) decided to play referee to the Brian Burke vs. Kevin Lowe fight. Citing that the men should "play nice" to which reportedly Lowe tossed a hissy fit saying California has no hockey market and was sent to the corner. Burke is rumored to have teased Lowe asking "Who's the moron now?"

I doubt its over, but damn its fun having my GM is better than your GM fights.

(I mean no offense with the gay reference above. If anyone would like me to remove it, I will.)

Oh yea, Hey Earl, I stole your Burkie and Lowe image for my article about it on Bleacher Report, its hilarious. Hope its ok, if its not, I'll change it.