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I Wear Black On The Outside...

...Because black is how I feel on the inside.

(Bonus points if you know where that quote is from.)

Word from the Icethetics blog (formerly Tournament of Logos) is that a little more than half the league will have 3rd jerseys next season, and the Sharks will be one of them. Apparently, they're going to the "If it ain't broke..." way of thinking (which they should have done when they had awesome jerseys) and are going black, all black.

This is good for me because I hate the white jerseys and I have a dark Roenick one. Since I'm a Dan Boyle fan from his Tampa Bay days and I didn't want to have two teal jerseys, this is the perfect opportunity.

However, this takes me back to when the original Sharks 3rd jersey was released. I remember back then thinking that it looked like a practice jersey except that someone had stapled some V-shaped patches on the side. Technically, I still think it looks like that, but they grew on me, especially now that I still haven't accepted the new Sharks design. In fact, you know what would be fantastic? If they just took the OLD Sharks 3rd jersey and made that the NEW 3rd jersey -- alternate, retro, and just plain better than the ones now.

Either way, I'm getting a Boyle 22. And did you know that if you love #4, you have your choice of McLaren or Blake right now?