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The Kings Don't Want Your Detritus, Part II

You know that stupid rumor Dubcek covered yesterday? The one reported on Hockeybuzz, that was completely retarded and obviously made up? Apparently, the Ottawa Sun think it's good enough to go with. The trade?

Chicago gets: Anze Kopitar

Ottawa gets: Nikolai Khabibulin, Brent Seabrook/Cam Barker

LA gets: Andrej Meszaros, Martin Gerber

Puck Daddy does a good job skewering this trade ("Why in the name of Mike Milbury would the Los Angeles Kings do anything with this trade offer except drop the phone in uncontrollable laughter?"), but I can't get over how bad this trade is. It's kind of depressing, in a way, that someone would actually think Kopitar is worth Andrej Meszaros and Martin Gerber. I mean, really? He's 21 years-old and he's probably the best young player in the NHL outside of the Big 3 and he's worth a shitty goalie and a pretty good young defenseman? Weird. Maybe I need to start putting up flyers around Ottawa or something.

We should all be warned, too, that this is the beginning. From now on, we're going to see stupid "Does Kopitar want to stay in LA?" rumors and half-assed $.30 cents-on-dollar trades for Kopitar until he signs a new deal. "Why is Lombardi trading Kopitar?" "Would this deal work?" "You should take this deal because Kopitar will get tired of losing soon." It'll probably happen for Johnson as well. Bunker down, folks; it's going to be a long year.