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A Bit of Tid

Here's an article about Terry Murray, the new Kings coach. It's worth checking out the article just to see the picture that accompanies it.

Here's a few recent contracts and how they compare to Patrick O'Sullivan:

Andrei Kostitsyn: 3 years, $3.25 million/year

Valtteri Filpula: 5 years, $3 million/year

Joffrey Lupul: 4 years, $4.25 million/year

Corey Perry: 5 years, $5.35 million/year

Pierre-Marc Bouchard: 5 years, $4.08

Kostitsyn looks like the best comparable and I'd be fine with a contract like that.

Finally, if you're bored I highly recommend this blog that goes through every Goosebumps book and makes fun of them. A sample:

Left alone, Evan decides to buy himself an ice cream treat at the local market. He leaves Trigger tied up outside. When he returns with his ice cream sandwich, Ricky and Tony are stealing his dog. Evan whines about how they probably shouldn't and one of them knocks the ice cream sandwich out of his hand. The reader probably shouldn't be applauding this action, but I know I was. Trigger gets angry and once let loose, chases after the twins. Evan becomes terrified as he remembers how this happened in his dream-- except for that it didn't happen at all like that in his dream. Evan worries that he might turn into a monster. I hate this kid so much.

I don't care what this guy says, Say Cheese and Die! scared the shit out of me when I was a kid.

Self-Important Update:

The Sporting News Today has an interview with Dean Lombardi wherein he dismissed the Kopitar rumors and states that the Kings are trying to sign Anze Kopitar and Jack Johnson to long-term deals, ideally before the start of this season. I'd just like to point out that I guessed this a few weeks ago. I'm actually kind of impressed with myself. I haven't felt this proud since the time I whacked off 5 times in one day.*

*Sound effect for the 5th time: poof!