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The "K" Stands for "Krybaby"

"Russians. Anti-semite cossack sluts." -Cousin Avi

The KHL is pissed because the Kings recently signed both Vyacheslav Voinov and Andrei Loktionov to entry-level deals, saying that the players were already under contract with Russian teams. This is odd, since Dean Lombardi gave an interview to Rich Hammond at Inside the Kings right after the draft stating that they had done all the research and the reason the Kings drafted those two was because they did not have a real contract. The way he explains it is that both players were under contract with a 30-day buyout clause. Their clubs tried to sign them to a new 5-year deal with a bigger buyout clause but both players rejected it to come over the CHL instead. The sole reason the Kings drafted them was because they were willing to do this; without that, the Kings pick someone else. More information can be found in this interview by Voinov with a Russian journalist, which is both enlightening and hilariously passive-aggressive.

(Also, Voinov kind of implies that he did not give assurances that he'd come over to any team other than Los Angeles, which seems vaguely wrong. Oh well, I guess it works out for me so it's okay.)

This sounds like sour grapes from the KHL, who are trying to sign their younger players to entry-level deals at 17 and with huge buyout clauses to prevent them from going to the NHL. Voinov and Loktionov are one of the last Russian prospects who aren't signed to that deal and thus their teams are pissed that they got "screwed." I don't imagine anything will come of this because it sounds like the Russians are trying to use new laws to enforce old contracts, but the Kings might want to assign someone to follow Alex Frolov around and make sure he doesn't sign anything, not even a receipt, without reading it top to bottom. You know, just in case.