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Moments in Archaeology: Sleek digs up a Relic

In the process of moving, I’ve had a chance to go through some of my old piles of junk, and as is usually the case in such undertakings, I have uncovered some real gems from the kid who would grow up to become Earl Sleek. Back before I had an internet alias or a blog to write on, I was still an emerging hockey nerd with a creative streak. Exhibit #1:

Medium: Ball-point pen on paper

Featuring top to bottom: Guy Hebert, Travis Green, Teemu Selanne, Marty McInnis, Stu Grimson, Paul Kariya, Fredrik Olausson, Steve Rucchin, Ruslan Salei, and Matt Cullen

Drawn: It wasn’t dated, but based on the players included I’d have to say 1998-99.

It's actually an impressive piece of work, something I'm not sure I'd have the patience to sit down and attempt these days. Also noteworthy: this had to be pretty soon after I became a hockey fan at all. Anyway, I got a real nostalgic kick out of finding this relic from my fan-girl past, and I figured long-time Ducks fans might enjoy it as well. I've got a few more deep-closet relics to share next week as well, but I think this one is the oldest and most impressive.

Just to keep this post interactive: Which non-Finnish player featured in this picture would fit best on the current Ducks roster? For this exercise, I am talking about the 1999 version of the player, not whatever washed-up version we'd see today.

Go Mighty Ducks.