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Screw You, Greece

It's funny, I don't even like basketball that much. Yet here I am, up at 6 in the morning screaming obscenities at some ugly Greek for knocking Dwyane Wade to the ground (and I hate Dwyane Wade). I think I now know how Canadians feel when they're watching their national hockey team, because I know that we're the best basketball nation around but I still feel the need to validate it in this tournament. I caught myself yesterday but I came this close to saying that the US could have entered two teams in this tournament and medaled twice. It's not even that I care if the US doesn't win, it's just that I don't want other nations to stick it to us if we lose. It's like anti-shaudenfreude.

As a proud Jingoist, these Olympics have been pretty exciting. I was legitimately excited by the men's 4x200 freestyle relay (the one where the US won by milliseconds) and I appreciate that I can see women's beach volleyball or men's water polo at any time of the day. I could do without all these Chinese people, though. It's bullshit, they're just training people to win events no one cares about. It's not a gold in the 98 kg weightlift, it's a gold in wasting your life. I'm pretty sure the US will overtake China in the overall medal count once we unleash our army of track athletes but there's no way we're catching them in gold medals.

Oh well, at least we've won a few medals. Wouldn't you be really embarrassed if your nation trained and trained and then couldn't even win one lousy bronze? That would be pretty pathetic. What's that? Oh:

Waa waa.