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This is Stupid and Awesome

No, no, yes, is that a bee, yes, yes, probably, lose weight, definitely yes!

The Stupid:

The Kings are getting ice girls.

I personally don't like the concept of ice girls. Hold on, hear me out. I'm fine with women being objectified for my amusement; I mean, I watched every episode of She Spies. However, I do have a problem with them being on the ice because they take away a job from kids. The Kings currently use kids to clean the ice, which in addition to providing cheap child labor (an endeavor I whole-heartedly endorse; who do you think is typing this post?) also gives those kids an opportunity to be right next to some of their heroes. It's probably an exciting opportunity for any kid and giving that opportunity to some chick in tight pants who wouldn't know Roberto Luongo from Oded Fehr is kind of bullshit.

What are those, replicas? Pfft.

The Awesome:

The Kings are getting ice girls!

I haven't had an opportunity for this much goofy writing material since Bailey moved from the MGM Grand to Staples, plus I can get more cat jokes on the blog.* I enjoy judging women almost as much as I enjoy judging hockey players, so this should be fun.

*A euphemism for cat is...