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Alex Frolov Injures Groin, Sun Rises in East

Apparently Alex Frolov is out with another groin injury. Can we get this guy a masseuse? Hell, I'll volunteer. Sure it's weird, but I'll sacrifice my happiness if it can help the Kings.* Richard Clune also got hurt, but nobody gives a fuck about him.

*"What? No, it's not because I'm rubbing your thighs, it's just that I'm wearing these cords with no underwear! It tickles!"

The Kings beat the Colorado Avalanche 4-3 last night in a shooutout thanks to Ted Purcell. Matt Moulson skated with Kopitar and Brown while Jarret Stoll pickpocketed a Colorado defender and scored an unassisted goal. Jack Johnson played 29 minutes. These are all things I like to see.