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A banner month for fake hockey

It's been a while since I posted on the 'ol BoC, but things are cranking up now. You know when the beauty of the NHL season is about to shine upon us when people start drafting fantasy hockey teams and the annual video games come out.

Tune in soon as I examine: is NHL 09 the best hockey video game ever? (Not certain if I'll get a definitive answer on that but I definitely think it's the most addictive NHL game ever)

Warning: do not play if you plan on being productive with your time

Anyway, I thought I should make note of my intensely BoC leaning fantasy hockey team in the first draft I've done this year.* Here's the Pacific Division guys who made my roster, with super duper in-parenthesis asides for no extra charge:

J.S. Giguere (expect a HUGE year without Breezy stealing a bunch of starts and the team not dealing with as much drama)
Chris Pronger (get those PIMs but don't get suspended Stompy!!!)
Scott Niedermayer (got him way late because of his semi-retirement 2007-08 stats)
Corey Perry (I really wanted Ryan Getzlaf, but I guess Corey flopping Perry'll do)

Evgeni Nabokov (couldn't choose between Jiggy and Nabby so I got 'em both)
Dan Boyle (seriously, my defense is frickin' stacked: Pronger - Niedermayer - Boyle - Wade Redden - Jay contract year Bouwmeester)
Milan Michalek (it would be pretty sweet if he'd finally have that Joe Thornton osmosis/Sergei Samsonov effect this year)

Sadly, no Stars, Kings or 'Yotes (although don't tell anyone, but I might pickup Phillippe Boucher if he looks healthy this year). But 7 of my 24 players are in the BoC. That's a lot of eggs in one BoC basket!

Oh, and the real justification for this post:

Fantasy Hockey Gary Bettman:

And with the 8th pick in round 24, The Avery Rule selects....

Todd Bertuzzi!!!!

Big Bert did not take well to being selected last overall in a 24-round draft

* By the way, this league had spots for the usual (C, LW, RW, D, G) as well as Wingers - Forwards AND Utility spots...I drafted 24 fucking players in this behemoth!!! Thank goodness for the Yahoo! Live Draft timer, btw - had no idea what I got myself into. Always read league settings kids.

Also, I dig the new yahoo draft setup, but I fear this will help some of the idiots in the league I always have with my old college buddies. I guess that's it for the days of getting Teemu Selanne type guys in the 10th round (sad panda face).