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Bernier, Zatkoff Sent Down to Manchester

Jonathan Bernier and Jeff Zatkoff have both been sent down to Manchester, leaving Erik Ersberg, Jason Labarbera, and I think Jonathan Quick to battle it out for the two goaltender spots for LA. Neither Labarbera nor Ersberg have been exactly lighting it up so far, but I imagine they'll be up there since they have the pedigree.

I imagine Zatkoff will be sent down to Ontario to serve as emergency backup and to get a bunch of starts. Quick and Bernier will probably share duties in Manchester and Daniel Taylor will probably serve time in Reading. Huh, the Kings have enough quality goaltenders to fill their minor league spots. Weird.

Also sent down today: Trevor Lewis and Brady Murray. I have this grand dream of a Cliche-Lewis-Simmonds line in the NHL someday, so hopefully when Cliche comes back from his shoulder injury that line can get together. Bud Holloway can fill in until then.