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Patrick O'Sullivan Not Showing Up to Camp

Hey, Patrick O'Sullivan isn't reporting to the start of camp as the Kings and his agent try to come to terms on a contract. That's pretty much all you're going to hear from me on this whole thing. I know it's a big story and everything, but I just can't bring myself to actually write about it. For one, we have no idea who is demanding what. Is it a Mike Cammalleri "I'm worth $6 million dollars" thing or is it a Dean Lombardi "I'm a miserable cheap ass" thing or is it an AEG "We hate spending money" thing? I have no idea and I'd say it's probably inappropriate for me to speculate. Second, I just don't really give a fuck about contracts. I don't follow hockey because I enjoy watching assholes argue over money. All I'll say is that O'Sullivan's contract sets a precedent for others and I understand why Lombardi wouldn't want to give in to him, but I also understand why O'Sullivan wants a big deal now in this market. Bottom line, I'd much rather focus on the guys who are at training camp, not the one guy who's not.

Tomorrow I'll have a training camp round-up that will cover all the training camp battles you'll need to keep your eye on. If you want to talk about how stupid Dean Lombardi is or why this is all Patrick O'Sullivan's dad's fault, go to, where I'm sure you'll find well-reasoned and level-headed discussion that is in no way retarded. I'll be focusing on hockey.