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The Pensblog made me do it...again. Kings and Ducks previews

Yeah, nitpickers, this is the same cartoon from last year.

Happy fucking blog birthday, Pensblog! As a guy who focuses a lot on the western conference, it takes a little extra for an eastern blog to make a splash on my radar, but the Pensblog has been a force in the blogosphere for two years now. Their crass and angry style has taken the crass and angry city of Pittsburgh by storm, and there's probably not a team-focused blog out there with a bigger and meaner following. It's awesome.

Every night I fall asleep fearing three things -- getting in a pissing contest with a racehorse, getting in a racing contest with a racehorse, and getting in a photoshop war with Pensblog. They are that scary.

Anyways, just like last year, Pensblog invited 29 suckers to preview their teams, and Rudy and I managed to not get ourselves "Ron Wilson'd" from that invite list. We've been told that our previews are going up today -- BoC day at the Pensblog -- so once they are up I will add Rudy's link here and Earl's link here.

Enjoy 'em, and feel free to comment wherever.