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Why not "Let's Make a Deal"?

Mark down Nov 5th Kings fans, as your beloved will be on an episode of "The Price is Right." Luc Robitaille, Derek Armstrong, Denis Gauthier, Kyle Calder, Dustin Brown and their mascot Bailey will make an appearance with host Drew Carey. (Boy I miss Bob Barker and his pencil thin, long microphone, not to mention all the sex stories about him and Barker's Beauties...but I digress). It will be funny to see Calder playing Plinko or Brown guessing how much a blender costs. They need to have the Sharks, Ducks and Kings on an episode of Family Feud to settle the BOC for real.

For those keeping score, Rob Blake is wearing #5 for the Sharks. That is until Kyle McLaren gets shipped out and Blake can have his number back. I am sure several season ticket holders were surprised to see a guy with McLaren on the back skating around the practice on Tuesday. Don't be alarmed, it was only Frazar McLaren, a rookie goon trying to make the team.