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Avery vs. "Fatso" tonight

It's been an eventful month for Avery the unsavory. It started out with Avery's bizarre but absorbing interview with ESPN tart Rachel Nichols where the super-pest hilariously criticized the NHL's marketing (or lack thereof) and spoke of his troubled youth (dominated by stealing dolls from his babysitters and other telltale sign of latent child self-abuse).

Next came Avery's somewhat anti-climactic return to Madison Square Garden. Despite receiving a heavy dose of boos, it was really just another day at the office for Avery as he pestered the Rangers and the Stars won because of Mike Modano's GWG.

Still, Avery might need riot gear tonight as he pays visit to his nemesis Martin Brodeur and the New Jersey Devils. You may remember Avery's windshield-wiper maneuver from last year's playoffs - it was such a diabolical move that they often-listless powers that be in the NHL immediately passed "The Avery Rule."

(That became the name of one of my fantasy hockey teams, BTW.)

Say what you want about Avery's tactics ... they clearly got into Brodeur's head. So much so that the normally charming goaltender refused to shake Avery's hand once the series was over. He also may have used Avery's "fatso" remark as motivation to increase his aerobic routine over the off-season.

The question is not whether or not Avery will get booed mercilessly by the crowd in Newark, but rather if someone will throw a pair of windshield wipers at him. Never a dull moment with the former Mr. Elisha Cuthbert, is there?