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Dallas Stars: new darlings of the MSM?

Edit/Update: What has long been rumored is true: I'm an idiot. Sorry, Linda. I love your accent. Hope that we can work through this.

ESPN came out with their "expert" picks today (Linda Cohn ... an NHL expert? Huh?).

Three out of 6 experts chose a BoC team to win the Stanley Cup and two of them predicted it would be the Dallas Stars (the other BoC team expected to win the Cup was media darling of yore, San Jose).

The Stars were the pick of two of the more respectable NHL writers Scott Burnside and David Amber (although Burnside picked Brian Campbell to win the Norris ... come on Burnside, you're better than that!).

Pierre LeBrun,'s blogger* picked the Sharks to raise the Cup.

(Linda Cohn picked the New York Rangers. Sources could not confirm if the pick was made based on bright colors.)

Most notably, five out of six "experts" picked Dallas to win the Pacific with only LeBrun taking the Sharks. Interesting.

* Am I the only person a little bit bothered by the embrace of blogs? That being said, the WWL is welcome to pay me gobs of money. No, really. If you insist.