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Damn You, Gauthier

Damn that sucked last night. To see the Kings play such committed defense for 58 minutes and then lose it with one dimwitted pass was awful. Gauthier cemented his dipshit status last night. I felt bad for Kyle Quincey (who played like he wanted to murder everyone who didn't give him a shot in Detroit) and Drew Doughty (who looked a little overmatched but still played nicely). And why the fuck was Ivanans playing against the Red Wings? What, the Kings have to protect Kopitar from Henrik Zetterberg or Andreas Lilja? The worst things they're going to do is fuck him and not call him again. That's damaging psychologically, not physically. (Syphillis, maybe. Hold on, I'm still building this scenario.)

Oh well, it's a long season and the Kings have 6 games left on this homestand. Here's something to make you feel better:

I love how dogs in clothes are either insanely fucking happy to be wearing clothes* or unbelievably depressed.

*"Holy fuck, man! Check this out, I'm wearing clothes! Have you seen this shit? A dog in clothes! Unbelievable. Dogs should not be wearing clothes but here I am, blowing minds. Look, it even has a spot for my tail!"