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George Parros fight collection 2007-08

Courtesy of the fine people at, here is a video collection of 19 George Parros fights from the 2007-08 season. A little pre-game reseach prior to Thursday's ANA-SJ home opener.

Parros vs. Thornton 9/30/07
Parros vs. Boogaard 10/14/07
Parros vs. Fedoruk 10/20/07
Parros vs. King 10/23/07
Peters vs. Parros 12/05/07
Peters vs. Parros -Round 2- 12/05/07
Parros vs. Koci 12/07/07
Parros vs. Shelley 12/10/07
Parros vs. Davison 12/18/07
Parker vs. Parros 12/19/07
Belak vs. Parros 1/9/08
Parros vs. Ivanans 1/24/08
Parros vs. King 2/1/08
Parros vs. Cote 2/2/08
Parros vs. Orr 2/7/08
Parros vs. Downey 2/10/08
Godard vs. Parros 2/17/08
King vs. Parros 2/22/08
Parros vs. Shelley 3/21/08