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Good Start...So Far So Good

Opening night is always a fun time. It was a little subdued, no laser light show or other pre-game theatrics. Can anyone tell me where the Sharks head was? The players skating out without it was kinda weird. It was nice to see an unveiling of another division banner but that is not the banner that we want.

The "new" style of play was pretty evident. Centers were driving toward the net and players seemed to be moving all the time. Somebody must of put a picture of Ron Wilson's face outside the crease as Patrick Marleau was actually seen in front of the net screening Giguere. The power play was generating scoring chance after scoring chance. Noticably absent from the half wall, Joe Thornton played more like a power forward. Last year it seems the power play was "let's get Joe the puck and let him create." Sure it is only one game but there was a decided effort to get the puck to the point and let Rob Blake fire away. Opposing defenses will have to start respecting our point men, which they never had to before. Even if Blake's shots were off target, just the threat of him back there seemed to give the forwards extra space. Dan Boyle seemed to never leave the ice and looked like the puck mover we have always needed. Good riddance Brian Campbell.

On a lighter note and Rudy should love this one. This guy behind me was explaining to his girlfriend about all the different players. When he got to Rudy's favorite Corey Perry here is his description: "That guy is a really good player, 50 goal potential, one of the best players in the league (all which is debatable)........but he is a real PRICK. That got me laughing. This weekend is a home/home with the Kings. Rob Blake's homecoming on Sunday night. It will be interesting to see the reaction he gets.