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Just thinking out loud here

Absolutely nothing is working for the top lines of the Ducks, but the bottom two lines are thriving. Rob N., Pahlsson, Moen, Marchant, Carter, May, Parros, and Sutherby -- those eight players have combined for 6 goals and 8 assists, and Carter, May, and Parros are each +3 -0 at even strength.

Getzlaf, Kunitz, Perry, Selanne, and Morrison? That fivesome has but 1 goal and 1 assist between them (not even on the same goal), a collective +3 -17 at even strength, plus they're taking a whackload of stupid frustration penalties.

So why not mix it up? I know that the Ducks looked pretty good for most of tonight, but what's the downside in trying this?

Kunitz - Getzlaf - Selanne
Marchant - Morrison - Perry
Moen - Pahlsson - Niedermayer
May - Carter - Sutherby - Parros

There's obviously a lot of room for shuffling, but should Carlyle just stop forcing Getzlaf-Perry and Morrison-Selanne? Can changing primary partners help ignite what's been so far an awfully stale offense? I don't necessarily like it as a long-term solution, mind you, but maybe it's worth a try.

Positivity! Go Ducks.