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Kopitar Signs Extension!

Holy shit hell yeah. According to Rich Hammond, Anze Kopitar has signed an extension. Since Hammond's a teasing little bitch he doesn't say the terms, but I imagine it's over 5 years and over $6 million dollars a year. Anyone have a guess as to the terms before the real numbers come in?

This is awesome. It's like waking up to a blowjob on Christmas morning. And this time it's not from my dog.

Super-Expensive Update: TSN has the terms at 7 years/46.8 47.6 million dollars, which averages out to $6.8 million dollars a year. That's a lotta dimp. But hey, Kopitar's worth it. It's less than what Thomas Vanek is getting.

This means the Kings now have Kopitar and Brown locked up for the next 6 years. When was the last time two guys were tied at the hip like those two?