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McLaren Waived

Just a quick note that TSN has Kyle McLaren on their list of players hitting the waiver wire today. He claims to be healthy, which could mean that some team needing an experienced #4 defenseman could pick him up. His cap hit is $2.5 million, though, and that's enough to make most teams hesitate.

Still, McLaren could help out some of the wackiness going on in Tampa right now.

Update: I did some number crunching over at NHLNumbers. They have the Sharks currently at $225k over the cap. However, that's with only 21 guys and Tomas Plihal and Alexei Semenov's (assumed to be two-way) contracts aren't on there. In addition, if Jeff Friesen makes the roster, you can bet he'll get about 600-700k.

In other words, putting McLaren through re-entry waivers won't do much because that'll still hold the Sharks accountable for $1.25 million.